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Spraying responsibly this Spring

15 Aug 2019

Spraying responsibly this Spring


With spring approaching, Council reminds anyone working on production land to ensure agrichemical spraying is carried out responsibly.

Agrichemicals are commonly used on farms, orchards and vineyards, however responsible application is essential to protect the health of neighbouring residents and the environment.

Weather conditions and application can result in spray drift, which may cause health problems such as asthma and skin rashes, or pollute waterways.

“The Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan requires everyone using both organic and conventional agrichemicals to be responsible with how they use them,” says environmental risk team leader Kate Sykes.

“This includes making sure those applying the spray are qualified, that they’re following their Spray Plan, and have put up roadside signs to let passers by know that they’re spraying near a bus stop on a school bus route.”

Our rules also require that neighbours are notified at the start of every spray programme year so they are fully informed.

If spraying rules aren’t adhered to, it can result in enforcement action and potential clean-up costs.

Anyone who experiences spray drift should contact our compliance team at Council.

Here’s more information on the use of agrichemicals(external link)