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Spring spraying on target

23 Sep 2016

Spring spraying on target

Kerbside weed spraying gets underway this month in city streets and rural roads.

“Tairawhiti Roads’ contractors will do our first spray in September when the weeds and grass start their spring growth spurt,” says journey manager Helen Harris.

Spraying will be typically done in the early morning while there’s less traffic and pedestrians and generally less wind.

Ms Harris says a more innovative machine is being used to apply a Glyphosate weed killer.

“The technology is not super new but uses air induction jets which are designed to more accurately target the desired spray zone even when wind conditions would normally not allow spraying.”

“The city vehicle and rural machine are set up differently but allow us to apply the chemical through nozzles at low water rates, keeping the driftable liquid particles very low yet still able to deliver the desired chemical coverage onto the plant.”

Weeds and overgrowth will be monitored over summer and re-sprayed as needed.

“Most weeds start to droop and yellow off within a couple of days but can take up to 4 weeks to die completely.”

Residents are able to sign on to the ‘no spray’ register if they don’t want spraying carried out in the road reserve in front of their property.

If you want to go on the no spray list contact us