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Stock control

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Stock control

Report wandering stock 24/7 – phone 0800 653 800

If roaming stock are causing or will potentially cause an emergency phone 111 – Police.

We need the location of the stock, rapid number, station name etc, the number of stock and a brief description.


Stock droving has expected standards but no permit is required.
Please read the requirements in the Stock Control Bylaw.

Wandering stock on roads and highways

Stock owners are responsible for controlling their livestock, they must not roam onto roads or neighbouring properties.

Stock on roadways are a serious threat to traffic safety and will be impounded.

All complaints regarding stock breaking through fences and wandering on to public roads and highways, please contact us on 0800 653 800.
We provide a 24 hour response for these complaints, staff will attend and investigate.

If it’s an emergency please contact the Police on 111.

Stock roaming on private property

If stock has wandered on to your land, please attempt to find their owner and return them. You can hold the stray stock and recover compensation from the stock owner.

If you’re unable to locate the owner, contact us, we can help locate the owner or have the stock impounded.

All charges for transporting the stock, sustenance and advertising fees will be the responsibility of the owner of the stock, who is required to pay before the stock is released.

If the owner of the stock cannot be traced the stock can be auctioned.

Fencing of land containing stock beside public roads

The revised Stock Control Bylaw requires stocked paddocks to be fenced alongside all State Highways. Local roads may need to be fenced at our discretion, based on factors like risk, traffic volumes and history of non-compliance. The property holding stock may require inspection from our Council Officers.

Impounding wandering stock

Wandering stock may be impounded in Council stock yards under the Public Places Bylaw and the Impounding Act.

If the stock owner cannot be contacted, impounded stock will be advertised on our website and the Gisborne Herald.

Impounded stock will be returned when proof of ownership is provided and all fees and holding costs are paid. Compliance notices to repair fences may also be served on the stock owner.

Unclaimed animals may be sold at public auction to recover costs, or otherwise disposed of after 7 days from the date of public notification.

Stock pounds and fees

Stock pounds are at Granny Tarr St, Nelson Rd, Riverpoint Rd and Te Puia Springs. Stock may also be held temporarily in private yards, these yards will be sign posted.

Impounding fees

  First Impound 2nd Impound Subsequent Impound
Weekdays between 8am - 4.30pm $68 $86 $97
After hours and weekends $79 $94 $105
Horse and Cattle      
Weekdays between 8am - 4.30pm $105 $147 $178
After hours and weekends $122 $143 $174

All fees and charges for stock control, read the Fees and Charges

Under the Act, livestock includes horses, cattle, deer, mule, sheep, pig and goat.

Relevant information

Public Places & Stock Control Bylaw

Impounding Act - visit NZ Legislation website(external link)

Fees and Charges