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Strong community connection with the Bay

1 Dec 2017

Strong community connection with the Bay

Residents have made it clear they want a very high level of wastewater treatment, with 80% of the community preferring options including a wetland.

We had a great response to the wastewater management survey with option 5 – calling for exceptionally high wastewater quality – the preference of many.

It would include the addition of ultra-violet light disinfection, clarification, a 12-hectare wetland, wood chip filters and an additional biological trickling filter to improve treatment. And it would exceed current resource consent water quality requirements. Options 3, 4 and 5 are also seen as positive steps towards meeting cultural drivers in the community.

Senior project manager Wolfgang Kanz says councillors will now consider the feedback from the community, along with the recommendations from the Wastewater Management Committee, the legal and technical requirements of the wastewater consent and the overarching Long Term Plan issues, including prioritisation and affordability.

“Survey respondents were driven by community health and the use of Poverty Bay, and the survey responses confirm the significant value placed on it for recreational pastimes along with the cultural and community connection,” says Wolfgang.

“The challenge for Council is delivering what the community wants in the context of the bigger picture of what the community can afford to pay for.”

We received 1183 responses to the survey.

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