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Subscribe to Flood Warning Alerts

Subscribe to receive a text message automated warning when the Te Arai, Waipaoa, Waimata, Taruheru, Uawa and Hikuwai rivers have reached or are predicted to reach alert levels. Here's the river level forecast on our website 

Text will be sent when: 
Te Arai - reaches 2m at Pykes Weir and is predicted to exceed 2.5m 
Waipaoa - reaches 5m at Kanakanaia and is predicted to exceed 6m 
Waimata/Taruheru - Waimata reaches 7m at Goodwins Bridge and is predicted to exceed 8m 
Hikuwai/Uawa - Hikuwai reaches 8.5m at Willowflat and is predicted to exceed 9.5m.

Subscribe to flood warning alert 

Please complete the details to receive a text message when your selected river has reached or is predicted to reach alert levels.

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Terms & Conditions

I acknowledge that I have requested Gisborne District Council (GDC) to register me so that I will be notified when the height of a certain river within its jurisdiction reaches a specified height.
As a result of making this request and GDC accepting the request, I agree that GDC shall not be liable for any damage of any type (including consequential losses) caused as a result of GDC's partial or complete failure to provide timely
or correct information (or its failure to provide any information) in respect of the height or characteristics of flows within any river or otherwise touching or concerning my notification requirements whether or not that damage is caused
directly or indirectly and whether that damage is caused negligently or otherwise.
I agree to the Terms & Conditions

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