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Successful refloat - vessel back in port

23 Nov 2011

Successful refloat - vessel back in port

The stranded fishing vessel Philip V was successfully refloated this afternoon and towed to Gisborne. The vessel was stranded on the beach north of the Waiapu River mouth for nearly a week. Several earlier refloat attempts were halted by adverse weather.

Gisborne regional on-scene commander Louise Bennett said the operation had gone to plan, with a few tense moments before it was finally pulled off the beach.

“We are pleased the vessel has been refloated with no oil spills and no environmental damage, as this is an area of significant cultural and conservation value.”

Most of the vessel’s diesel and hydraulic fuel was removed on Friday to ease the way for a salvage attempt and to minimise any environmental risk.

The privately owned fishing boat went aground in the early hours of 16 November about 1 km north of the Waiapu River mouth.