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TAG Oil and Apache Corporation resource consent application

Decision on Resource Consent application for exploratory well

27 September 2013

Gisborne District Council has approved an application from TAG Oil Ltd for an exploratory well at Kanakanaia Road, approximately 50 kilometres northwest of Gisborne. The well is proposed to be 3150 metres in depth.

No hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is part of the consent. The resource consents granted cover land use activities, a discharge to air consent, and a discharge to land consent. Before granting the consent, Council sought expert independent advice from reputable independent sources in the areas of well integrity, seismic issues and local geology. The proposed activity by TAG Oil is similar to an exploratory well drilling process near Dannevirke in the Tararua District.

The consents are subject to over seventy different consent conditions. These provide for intensive monitoring of land, water and air around the site. Council staff will actively monitor compliance with the consent conditions.

Full details of the decision on the resource consent application (518kb)

Application not publicly notified

13 August 2013

Gisborne District Council has decided that resource consent applications from TAG Oil Ltd and Apache Corporation NZ relating to a proposed exploratory well for on-shore petroleum resources will not require public notification, as the adverse effects are considered to be less than minor.  This means that there will not be a submissions and hearings process for these applications.

The well drilling and testing is intended to take 7 weeks. After completion of all activities associated with the drilling, all drilling equipment and materials waste, and buildings will be removed from the site. The well will be temporarily capped for use as a potential monitor well or for further drilling in the future. If the exploration well is not successful, or the well site is not required for further drilling, the site will be decommissioned and fully rehabilitated.

A thorough assessment of the proposal determined that the effects will be less than minor beyond the boundary of the site. External independent expert advice has been used to review the applications and an assessment of cultural effects on tangata whenua has also been carried out.

A full decision on the applications is expected in the next 2 weeks.

The s95 Assessment and Decision (674kb)

The resource consent application

A resource consent application from TAG Oil and Apache Corporation for the drilling of an exploratory well at "Punawai" on Kanakanaia Road, Te Karaka. Associated with this are applications to take water, discharge water and contaminants to ground, discharge stormwater and discharge contaminants to air.

The target drilling depth is 3150m. The well will be cased and cemented to the surface. The water required will be sourced from an adjacent farm dam. Drilling wastes, excess cement, sanitary wastes and spill cleanups (if any) will be disposed of at a consented facility outside the district. On completion, if successful, the well will be temporarily capped. If not, the site will be decommissioned and fully rehabilitated.

The proposed activities do not include hydraulic fracturing ('fracking'). A separate, additional application would be needed for that activity.

Gisborne District Council is committed to assessing and making decisions on consent applications in an open and transparent manner. For that reason the receipt of the application has been signalled to the media and the full application and assessment of environmental effects is available.

Application and additional information requested under s92

Third response to request received 15 July 2013

311747 - Response to Second Request for Further Information (104kb)

311839 - Memorandum from ALL Consulting (214kb)

311841 - TAG Oil Drilling Policy in Seismic Active Areas (62kb)

311842 - Drilling and Completion Design (545kb)

311843 - Kick Tolerance Calcs Punawai (828kb)

311844 - Completion Stick Diagram (127kb)

311845 - Punawai Kick Calculations (836kb)

311846 - East Coast Wellhead Diagram (627kb)

313151 - East Coast Well Specs Quote (463kb)

311848 - Casing Design Verification (64kb)

311849 - BOP Drawing (720kb)

311850 - Bell Gully Iwi Consultation Letter (524kb)

Second response to request dated 3 April 2013

296443 - Section 92 Second Response to Request for Further Information (3mb)

Please note that Environmental Management Services Ltd advise that the questions regarding the well integrity and seismic effects are still being addressed and they will respond as soon as possible (see page 11 & 12 of EMSL cover letter dated 03 April 2013)

296444 Revised Hazardous Substance Management Plan (452kb)

296446 Revised Waste Management Plan (508kb)

296432 Resource consents (from Taranaki Regional and South Taranaki District Councils) (80kb)
296434 Resource consents (from Taranaki Regional and South Taranaki District Councils)  (80kb)

296450 Revised proposed consent conditions (174kb)

296455 URS Air quality report (6mb)

296441 Email from Envirowaste (85kb)

296445 Updated Spill Control Management Plan (2mb)

296442 Gisborne Herald article (44kb)

First response to request dated 14 December 2012.  Reply dated 4 February 2013

297101 GDC letter Section 92 request (4mb)

297085 EMS letter JV response to Section 92 (1mb)

297093 Attach 1 : TRC Flaring 2012 report (1mb)

297094 Attach 2 : BTW Letter (80kb)

297095 Attach 3 : MDA Noise Assessment  (1mb)

297096 Attach 4 : Spill Control Management Plan (2mb)

297097 Attach 5 : TAG Oil Drilling Policy in Seismic Active Areas (330kb)

298099 Attach 6 : TAG Oil Emergency Response Plan (3mb)

297100 Attach 7 : T&T Geotech Assessment (1mb)

Application documents

Bore Permit Application (1mb)
1. Assessment of Environmental Effects (1.6mb)
2. Appendix A - Certificate of Title (195kb)
3. Appendix B - Related Regulations (19kb)
4. Appendix C - Glossary of Terms (45kb)
5. Appendix D1 - Drawing - Topo Site Plan (427kb)
6. Appendix D2 - Drawing - GIS (1.5mb)
7. Appendix D3 - Drawing - Wellsite Layout 1 (973kb)
8. Appendix D4 - Drawing - Wellsite Layout 2 (394kb)
9. Appendix D5 - Drawing - Wellsite Layout 3 (556kb)
10. Appendix D6 - Drawing - Wellsite Layout Entranceway (1mb)
11. Appendix D7 - Drawing - Rig Layout (1mb)
11. Appendix D8 - Drawing - Completions Layout (1.3mb)
12. Appendix D9 - Drawing - Construction Details (307kb)
13. Appendix E - Drilling and Completion Report (625kb)
14. Appendix F - Noise Assessment (1.1mb)
15. Appendix G - Transportation (698kb)
16. Appendix H - Stormwater Management Plan (2mb)
17. Appendix I1 - Hazardous Substances MP (353kb)
18. Appendix I2 - Hazardous Substances MP - App3 (13mb)
19. Appendix J - Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment  (353kb)
20. Appendix K - Spill Control Management Plan (1.7mb)
21. Appendix L - Waste Management Plan (508kb)
22. Appendix M - Transportation Assessment (2.2mb)
23. Appendix N - Objectives and Policies (70kb)
24. Appendix O - Proposed Consent Conditions (190kb)

Decision on resource consent application for site establishment works

Resource consents have been granted to TAG Oil and Apache Corporation for the formation of a well pad at Kanakanaia, Te Karaka.
The applications were processed without notification on the basis of adverse effects being less than minor. The consents cover a short access track, flattening of a well pad area and installation of a well conductor and water monitoring bore. The track and pad will be metalled and bare ground oversown upon completion. The well pad will facilitate the drilling of an exploratory well, for which additional resource consents will be required.

Resource consent decisions

Notification assessment - to install an access track and well pad (262kb)
Non-notified resource consent - access track and well pad (359kb)

Notification assessment - to install an access track and well pad (232kb)
Report - access track and well pad (384kb)

Notification assessment - groundwater monitoring bore (230kb)
Report - install a conductor pipe (437kb)
Report - install a groundwater monitoring bore (431kb)

Resource consent application

Application form

Assessment of Environmental Effects:

  1. Project overview and report structure (132kb)
  2. Existing environment (702kb)
  3. Description of the proposal (115kb)
    1. access track and well pad
    2. erosion sediment control measures, monitoring well
  4. RMA status of proposed activities (45kb)
  5. Environmental effects (91kb)
    1. earthworks and stormwater management
    2. installation of the well conductor and cellar
    3. other actual or potential effects
    4. noise, traffic, visual effects, archaeological effects
    5. relevant objectives and policies, Part 2 of the RMA
  6. Proposed conditions of consent(48kb)
  7. Conclusion and appendices (1.5MB)

The location of the proposed activities is on a property called "Punawai" at 1750 Kanakanaia Road, Te Karaka. 

The site is 12km northwest of Te Karaka on easy rolling pastoral hill country.  The proposed  works involve the formation of a 120 metre access track, levelling of a 0.9 hectare well pad and metalling of both of these, construction of a 2.5 x 2.5 metre concrete cellar extending from the ground surface to a depth of 1.4 metres, construction of a 0.5 metre diameter conductor pipe to a depth of 10 metres, a groundwater monitoring well, and associated sediment control measures. 
The applications do not involve deep well drilling or hydraulic fracturing (fraccing).

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