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Tairāwhiti Navigations & Inner Harbour

Transform the inner harbour to showcase our waterfront

Tairāwhiti has a unique and rich heritage based around Māori and European navigational stories, contact and settlement.  The Tairāwhiti Navigations project is about celebrating our rich culture and ensuring the inner harbour area is attractive and vibrant.

The national importance of the Turanganui River as the ‘creation of a nation’ site and meeting place of the founding cultures, Maori and European, is a compelling story that all New Zealanders should be made aware of.

This project is to enhance our landmark places with new infrastructure, design and interpretation features that reflect our navigational past. Also includes the Inner Harbour upgrade and Cone of Vision work.

Project status

Total project budget: $8.7m plus Titirangi budget $1.3m - Total budget = $10m
Council is funding $5m of this (Inner Harbour has $3.7m and Titirangi $1.3m)
External funding $3.4m ECT and $1.6m Eastland Port (funding by ECT)
2016/17 Annual Plan Budget: $2.8m


Project progress

Project at a glance

What we plan to do

Inner harbour
Turanganui River Bridge
Connecting walkways


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