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Take care - roads slippery

28 Jan 2016

Take care - roads slippery

We advise motorists to take extra special care on the district’s roads and drive to the conditions.

As Gisborne District Civil Defence monitors the heavy rain expected through to 6pm tonight, Tairawhiti Roads journey manager Helen Harris warns of what is known as “summer ice”, associated with surface flooding and slippery, difficult driving conditions.

“This has a similar effect to ‘black ice’ in the winter. As we have had no rain for some time on the roads, there has been a build-up of oil, grease and other material. The water sits on top and doesn’t run off well.”

Civil defence emergency manager Louise Bennett said the district was expecting heavy rain for the 12 hours to 6pm tonight with between 80 and 100mm especially near the coast, with rainfall intensities of between 20mm and 30mm. Some areas may get 120mm. Te Puia had received 97mm by 7.30am today.

“This is a unique weather system that could cause issues with surface flooding because it has been so dry. We are not expecting rapid rises in river levels. The Hikuwai River at Willow Flat north of Tolaga Bay rose earlier but has levelled out.

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