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Telecommunication facilities permitted activity

3 Sep 2019

Telecommunication facilities permitted activity

Council has received a number of enquiries from the public around two telecommunications facilities recently installed at Ormond Road and Stout Street.

The structures replaced existing lighting poles with new poles that include a street light, telecommunications facility and lightening rod.

The new facilities are a permitted activity under the National Environmental Standard for Telecommunication Facilities 2016 (NESTF).

The NESTF is a central government document and overrides any rules in our district plan.

The network operator, Spark, applied for a certificate of compliance confirming they can be installed and operated in accordance with the NESTF.

As a permitted activity, resource consent is not required. As long as the facilities comply with the NESTF, Council is compelled to issue the certificate.

The facilities must comply with radiofrequency field exposure limits set by the Ministry of Health.

While the NESTF does not require consultation, it is industry practice to notify nearby residents. Spark advised they would contact the residents immediately adjacent to the facility and send a brochure to properties in the wider vicinity however it appears there have been gaps in this process.

Council will raise this with Spark so they can improve future communications.