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Terns making the most of the closure

30 Jan 2018

Terns making the most of the closure

Tokomaru Bay Birds25

White-fronted terns are making the most of the closure of the Tokomaru Bay Wharf.

The popular visitors have set up ‘house’ at the end of the wharf – just as they have many other summers but this time, their nests are likely to be left undisturbed by people and their dogs.

It's a species whose population has declined markedly over the past 40 years and regarded as at risk/declining.

The wharf was shut in December, but there is a strong drive by the local community to restore it.

The white-fronted tern is the most common tern on the New Zealand coastline, rarely going far from its marine habitat. The birds are fairly loyal to their partners, staying together from season to season. 

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