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The future of parking in the CBD

3 Oct 2017

The future of parking in the CBD

A future-orientated parking policy is in the wings and modern technology is likely to play a big part in that.

We're looking for community feedback to the first-ever parking policy. With 1000 free all-day parks and 681 metered car parks within easy walking distance of Gladstone Road it’s important we hear what you think.

Senior policy advisor Carrie White says the new policy will mean transparency around the way Council sets is parking controls, and will allow people to understand how decisions are reached.

“We’ve developed the policy with feedback from the community over the last 12 months to ensure there's turn-over of parking in the CBD,” says Ms White.

“We want there to be enough car parks for people to park in, to allow them to use the shops and then another rotation able to come in.”

She says there is no discussion about changing the $2 an hour parking fee on the main street.

“We feel that price point is just about right. It’s high enough to stop people parking there all day.”

The CBD had a number of cheaper or free options for those seeking all day parking, with the car park behind Farmers to be made free before the end of the year.

While our Long Term Plan has budgeted for the replacement of metres – some of which are 20-plus years old – Ms White said it was important to remember new technology may mean they become obsolete.

She and her team are looking at introducing an app before year’s end that would do away with the need for cash, while still charging for parks.

“The need for convenience is what we hear the community asking for,” she says. “A parking app is a very easy way to do things.”

She felt the draft policy is supportive of the way the city is evolving, and with a population increase predicted in the future it was important it was also future-focussed.

We encourage people to give their feedback on the draft policy before Monday 3 November.

It would then go before the Hearings Committee in February where submissions would be considered and a report back to Council in early March to approve the moves before becoming active in April.

Here's the draft policy and feedback form

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