WFC Scheme

Waipaoa River Flood Control Scheme

The project is designed to improve capacity of the existing flood control scheme. The project will:

♦ increase the top width of the existing stopbanks to 4m and raise the height by up to one metre in some places
♦ maintain flood protection for a one-in-100-year flood event (or a 1% chance of that sized storm occurring in any one year)
♦ account for the effects of climate change out to 2090
♦ provide allowance for potentially constructing a cycleway along the stopbank
♦ address river bank erosion

Project status

July 2017: Resource consent application lodged and public consultation
June 2018: Consents expected to be issued 
December 2018 - April 2019: Construction on first section of eastern stopbank (approx between Ford and Bolitho roads)
Summer 2019/20: Construction continues from Waipaoa River mouth working upstream along the eastern stopbank (5-8km per summer ongoing)
2030: Project completed and scheme fully operational 

Total budget - $16 million over 15 years   

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