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Tyres messing up our place

3 Jun 2009

Tyres messing up our place

Council was dismayed to discover around 250 tyres dumped down the bank on Kaiti Hill. The cost for disposal alone will cost ratepayers $1000 but on top of this is the difficulty in retrieving them from the dumped site.

Turanga Ararau's conservation corp has volunteered to haul them out. Fortunately the job ticks the box as far as fitness training and environmental enhancement are concerned. This will save the ratepayers many thousands of dollars.

'What is really upsetting about this' said Louise Bennett, senior environmental health officer 'is we believe they were dumped by a commercial operator due to the large number.  The cost of disposal is usually built into charges when tyres are replaced. Often the tyre company will contract someone else to get rid of the tyres and this is where the problem is likely to have occurred. But ultimately, the tyre company has to take responsibility for the dumping. They must be able to prove that they were disposed of appropriately. All operators have been questioned and the investigation is continuing.'

 These tyres have been accumulating over a period of time. People who regularly walk the Endcliffe Road side of Kaiti Hill must have noticed this unsightly dumping but no one has reported it until a few weeks ago. For council to make effective prosecutions and therefore deter future dumping we need to be onto the culprit as soon as possible after the event.

"While council has fines up to $400 for illegal dumping in a case like this, a district court judge can impose fines up to $200,000 or imprisonment for a up to 2 years under the Resource Management Act 1991. We hope that the public will supply us with information so that the offender can be identified and court action taken" Mrs Bennett added.

Dumped tyres on Kaiti Hill