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Waiapu River flood control

Installing dolosses in Waiapu RiverSignificant improvements have already been made in protecting Ruatoria township from the erosion caused by the meanderings of the Waiapu River.

What we plan to do

Large concrete groynes installed to divert the Waiapu River away from the Ruatoria township are working well. The porous groynes are slowly diverting the water flow towards the middle of the river and away from the badly-eroded right bank.


Waiapu River Erosion Control Scheme

Restoration of the Waiapu River Catchment

The Waiapu catchment will benefit from a collaborative partnership between the partners:

  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Te Runanganui O Ngāti Porou
  • Gisborne District Council

The 3 parties signed a memorandum of understanding demonstrating a 100-year commitment to collaboratively work with landowners.  It will address the health of the Waiapu River Catchment, especially catchment wide hill country erosion and downstream impacts.

Visit MPI's website for erosion programme - Ministry of Primary Industries website (external link)

YouTube clip - Council joins in Waiapu River restoration




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