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Waipaoa water treatment plant starts up

5 Dec 2017

Waipaoa water treatment plant starts up

To prepare for our city's water demand this summer we've started up the Waipaoa water treatment plant today.

Water from the Waipaoa River supplements the city’s water supply from the Mangapoike dams.

Water supply team leader Marcus Koll said at this stage we'll operate the plant for 2 weeks until 15 December to carry out annual maintenance prior to the peak water demand, although water consumption over the last few days has already reached peak demand.

"High water consumption in the city over the past few days with the hot temperatures have driven demand up."

"Since Saturday we have been at peak demand with more than 22,500 cubic metres of water used each day. 22,500 m3 is the maximum usage threshold to ensure there is sufficient emergency reservoir storage."

"The Waipaoa plant will add around 12,000 cubic metres of water a day to the city supply. Which is just over half what the city is currently using each day."

The city water supply dams at Mangapoike are currently at 87% percent capacity.

Water storage is not a problem at this early stage in summer, but there is a noticeable downward trend, way ahead of normal peak water demand.

Please use water wisely and consider outdoor water use, such high water consumption is unsustainable for the city's water supply.

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