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Wastewater preference in Community's hands

28 Sep 2017

Wastewater preference in Community's hands

Council has 5 very clear options for further treatment of wastewater which flows out of the marine outfall pipe.

Each comes at a cost for cultural and environmental benefits, and Council would like you to make a call.

It’s not just about cost, it's part of the bigger picture of what is the best solution for Tairawhiti.

Costings start at $250 per ratepayer a year for ‘very good’ quality, and go up from there.

Representatives from Turanga iwi and the Wastewater Management Committee have indicated their preference for option 3 that outlines a solution for removing wastewater from the outfall pipe altogether, that gets water quality to a good standard and for a comparable cost of $324 per year per ratepayer.

The key questions for our community are how clean would you like the water to be, where should it end up, and which option is the most efficient investment in the long term for our community.

Director of community lifelines, David Wilson says he and his team has sought the very best options available with accurate costings to help people make a decision.

“We want community feedback as to which option people would like,” he says. “The higher the cost, the greater the benefit.”

Read the options and have your say on your preferred option

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