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Water conservation needed

7 Feb 2020

Water conservation needed

Increased water restrictions may be required if demand continues at the level seen over the last week.

With temperatures peaking at 37 degrees, daily consumption has well exceeded what the Waingake Water Treatment plant can supply.

A level 2 water restriction is currently in effect for Gisborne city. This means sprinkler use is limited to the 2 hours between 6am and 8am for residential properties and commercial users on town supply are asked to conserve water.

Team leader for drinking water Judith Robertson says it is crucial the community adheres to restrictions and conserves water wherever possible.

“While temperatures are forecast to drop to the high 20s from today, there is very little rain forecast for the next two weeks and possibly till the end of the month.

“We’ll continue to monitor consumption rates and dam levels and review the restriction later this week. In the meantime we ask the community to be conscious with their water use.”

The Waipaoa Water Treatment Plant will operate to assist with meeting water demand, however the operation of this plant relies on the Waipaoa River flow levels.

If the river drops to the minimum flow limit, the plant must be shut off and this will trigger more water restrictions.

A comprehensive guide to water saving tips can be found on our website.(external link)