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Water mains break on Ormond Road

16 Aug 2019

Water mains break on Ormond Road

Ormond watermain

Staff were alerted to a water mains break on Ormond Road near the corner of Bulli Street at 3am.

Around 27 properties were affected with no water.

Contractors excavated the water pipe under the road to expose the broken section. That section of pipe will be cut out and replaced.

It will then be filled and flushed before reinstating water services back to the affected customers.

It’s anticipated that the water supply will be available after 4pm today.

Flushing the first water flow at the outdoor tap is needed to remove air.

Staff have stayed in touch with affected residents that are at home, providing bottled drinking water.

The road will be reinstated to a safe standard but won’t be fully repaired today.

Those properties affected with water, silt or debris will be cleaned up over the next few days. The silt will also be cleaned from the footpath and area of work.