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Water monitoring standards deliberated here

31 Mar 2016

Water monitoring standards deliberated here

Hydrologists from all around New Zealand will descend on Gisborne next week for the NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop from 5 - 6 April.

The establishment of an environmental monitoring and hydrology team at Council last year means this is the first time the national conference has been held here in Gisborne.

A highlight event of the workshop is the ‘ADCP regatta’ at the Waimata River, being held on Monday 4 April before the workshop begins.

Up to 80 hydrologists will participate in a ‘regatta’ using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) gauging equipment to measure water currents in the river and compare their results.

“The aim is for the participants to validate their gauging equipment and measurement techniques against each other,” says shared services science manager Lois Easton,

“The data is used to calibrate equipment and methodologies so that they are consistent across the country.”

Ms Easton says the workshop is an opportunity to support the development of our team to gather and learn more about field hydrology, as well as share knowledge and experiences from their working environment or projects with their peers.

“What we learn will help us ensure our water monitoring practices are carried out to a high standard and remain consistent with the rest of the country.”

Council staff will lead a workshop discussion about creating the new monitoring and hydrology team in July last year, and the experience in building in-house capability for monitoring from the ground up. 

“With specialised staff on-board, Council has a greater capability for research and better quality of data and knowledge about our region's environment.”

Participants from regional councils, crown research agencies, water utility providers, hydro power generators, private industry groups and individuals will be in attendance.

The workshop will feature international guest speakers and discuss topics on new and emerging monitoring methods, industry best-practice methods, techniques and monitoring equipment, and will discuss examples of monitoring projects from New Zealand and Australia.

Mayor Meng Foon will welcome members when the workshop begins on Tuesday.