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Water restrictions for city residents

19 Dec 2017

Water restrictions for city residents

Water restrictions now apply to all residents using the city’s water supply. Level one water alert means a restriction on sprinkler use to the morning between 6am - 8am only and keep hand-held hosing to a minimum. 

“It’s been a dry month and water consumption in the city has spiked above 27 million litres a day, on 2 occasions already this month,” says Water team leader Marcus Koll.

“Thanks to the additional water from the Waipaoa River over the past 2 weeks, the city’s reservoirs have been coping with the demand, but it means Council haven’t been able to conserve storage in the Mangapoike dams as it normally would when the Waipaoa Water Treatment Plant is operating.”

Dam levels are around 6% lower than they usually are at this time of year.

“A water alert for the city is earlier than normal, but it’s important the community is careful with water throughout the summer so we can avoid ramping up restrictions.

If your sprinkler is using bore water, please put a sign out to ease the volume of incoming complaints.

More information on water restrictions and water saving tips.

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