We are responsible for managing and monitoring our district's water resources.  This includes our rivers and streams, wetlands, freshwater, groundwater and coastline.

Water users can enter their water use data online


Using groundwater, bore permits


Our district's rivers, riverbank management, shingle and sand extraction


Using freshwater resources

Aquatic weed pests

Didymo, Lagarosiphon, Hornwort, Hydrilla, Phormidium

Freshwater Plan

Developing a Freshwater Plan to help manage the availability and quality of freshwater in our region

Irrigation water requirements guideline

Guidelines for water permit applicants on the Poverty Bay Flats

Wetlands and lakes

Working with wetlands

Navigation and safety

Navigation and Safety Bylaw, jet ski information>

Stormwater land drainage

Land drainage for flood control- urban stormwater- rural land drainage- roadside drains 


Land Air Water Aotearoa - NZ's rivers through sharing water quality data

Water Quality - Coast Beaches

Coast beaches that we monitor for water quality

Water Quality - Gisborne to Wainui

Recreational sites we regularly monitor for water quality

Water Quality - Rere and Doneraille

Water testing results for Rere falls, rock-slide and Doneraille Park

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