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Community Facilities | Ngā Rawa-ā-Hāpori

What's the future?

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Community Facilities | Ngā Rawa-ā-Hāpori

What do you say about future plans for our recreation facilities

They include the Olympic Pool, sports hubs, public toilets and our recreation facilities.


• Olympic pool upgrade planned for 2020
• aquatic facilities plan for district
• sports hub plan for future investment
• arts facilities plan for future development

Having quality community places and spaces is important for a liveable region. It helps attract people to live, work and play here.
We want more from our facilities. But we don’t have an open cheque book.  The big issue is how to get the right facilities, in the right places, at a price we can all afford.

What do you think of our strategy for sports facilities?

Over 88% of adults participate in sport or recreation in Tairāwhiti. Walking, field and water sports make up the majority of the time we spend being active.

Facilities like beaches, parks, cycleways and sportsgrounds that we invest in for the future need to meet the demand and needs of the community.
Our challenges for the future are:

• that our sports facilities are not always fit-for-purpose
• not everyone has the same or equal access to opportunities for sport and recreation
• and environmental impacts such as high water demand in summer can put pressure on how we use and maintain our facilities.

Read about our plan for sports facilities and make a submission

How important is investment in arts and culture?

Cultural and arts facilities like our theatres, library and museum are important to our community. They contribute to our health, knowledge and education, cultural traditions, social networks and even our regional economy.
A significant portion of our community participate in activities like reading and kapa haka. A number of our facilities need upgrading to meet these needs, while there are also issues around access for our entire region and ensuring these facilities are fit-for-purpose and financially sustainable.
The Gisborne War Memorial Theatre has been upgraded, and currently underway is an expansion for our library and planning for upgrades to the Lawson Field Theatre. Depending on what the community wants to see happen, putting in place facilities that provide value and longevity for the investment we make could mean a combination of solutions such as:

• upgrading or re-purposing the Soundshell
• upgrading township facilities such as Reynolds Hall, Tolaga Bay
• supporting local spaces like marae and schools
• establishing mobile services for the library and museum

Read our Art Facilities Plan and make a submission

What future developments should we make at our pool?

The Olympic Pool built in 1974, it's showing its age, keeping up with maintenance is now becoming more costly and we’ve planned the upgrade to get underway by 2020. We’ve completed a business case that outlines:

  • a growing list of major maintenance issues including refurbishing the hydro-slide, resurfacing/re-tiling numerous pools and refreshing 50m pool roof
  • demand exists for services that the current complex does not provide such as a dedicated learn to swim area
  • key facilities such as the changing rooms are substandard and have poor quality access to the pool, especially over winter months

We estimate a figure of $14 to $17 million for renewal over 3 - 5 years and think it can be achieved with grant funding.

As well as that, there's a number of other facilities of varying sizes and conditions, used by different communities. We need to determine how we can help enable access to quality aquatic centres for more of our people.

Follow the link to our What's the Future Tairāwhiti website and see the ideas

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