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Money Matters | Ngā Take Pūtea

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Money Matters | Ngā Take Pūtea

How can we have the things we need or want and balance what we can afford across future generations?


• we cannot maintain rates increases at 2%
• set priorities for investment
• assisting the growth of the region – affordability
• scenarios for rate increases, debt levels

The overarching aim of our Financial Strategy is to be financially sustainable, and that means we can’t maintain rates increases at 2%.
There’s also a number of vital infrastructure projects that we need to invest in with significant costs.
These could increase our rates to about 5 - 6% - if the increases can be smoothed over a longer period of time to reduce the impact on ratepayers.

The level of rates increases can also be adjusted by setting priorities for those projects we need to pay for now, and what we can leave to do later.
We’re also in the position of having a lot of costly infrastructure projects that our community need and want – carrying out more of these in a shorter timeframe will also drive up our debt levels.
We need to balance the right level of debt and repayment period against what our community is comfortable with and can afford.

Here's our Financial Strategy

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