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Our Roads | Ngā Rori

What do you want to see for the future of our roads?

The future of our road network and managing our transport needs is vital.


• Maintaining a good standard for entire roading network
• How we manage heavy transport
• Lack of funding for roads
• Improving cycle links to schools
• Feasibility and scope of Taruheru
• Next priorities for cycleways

• The frequency of logging trucks to the port has increased from 153 per week in 2005 to 1010 per week in 2015, and even more logging exports are forecast in the coming 10 years. 

• Our 1,889 km of state highways and local roads are the most expensive in the country to maintain. On average it costs $10,000/km a year to maintain roads in comparison to other regions who may pay 50-75% of this cost. 

• Our challenge is maintaining a good standard for our entire roading network, the issue is a lack of funding. We want to be innovative in how we manage transport and how we pay for it.

What should we plan for the future of cycleways?

Some of our most successful projects to-date include the projects to create a network of cycle and walkways that enhance the liveability of our community. They help address a key focus of encouraging active transport modes and safer school routes. Progress includes the Junior Learn to Ride Cycle Park and linking up the heartland trail rides between Motu and Rere.

These projects are significantly funded by external sources with a big contributions from the NZ Transport Agency, the Regional Economic Development Plan and charitable trusts.  

We’ll be focusing future efforts on improving links to schools in Kaiti and deciding on plans for a cycleway along the Taruheru River. Then looking at where to next with with urban cycle routes, and the potential for extending Waikanae to Waipaoa and beyond! 

Follow the link to our What's the Future Tairāwhiti website and see the ideas  

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