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Where should "Evolution" be installed

19 Feb 2010

Where should "Evolution" be installed

Evolution, the statue that was gifted to Gisborne city after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has arrived in Gisborne and now needs a place to live.  Four possible sites have been identified and we want to know where the community would like to see the statue installed.

After Gisborne city hosted the Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition in 2007, sculpture No. 121 by Guangdong Sculptor Mr. Lu ZenKang was gifted to the city. Evolution is a 4 tonne bronze sculpture which shows the evolution of one of the world’s oldest sports, archery, from Roman times, through the imperial era to today. 

The statue is currently stored at Gisborne Engineering where the bows that were removed in China for shipping are being welded back on. The colour matching of the work is being undertaken by a local artist who works in bronze.

The gifting agreement is that Evolution will be mounted prominently in Gisborne and light the legacy of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Evolution will also be a symbol of the everlasting friendship and good-will between the people of Gisborne and China.Evolution Sculpture

The sculpture is symbolic of the Olympic Games and also a significant art work in its own right. Gisborne’s strong connection with the Olympic Games has been focused around the river while New Zealand had success in Beijing in the rowing/paddling arena.

4 possible sites have been identified:-

1. Taruheru Riverbank walkway downstream of Wi Pere Monument

2. Marina Park near the riverbank

3. Gladstone Road circle between Grey Street and Bright Street

4. Esplanade riverbank upstream of the Cenotaph.

Other sites downstream of the Gladstone Road Bridge were discounted as those areas have historic and cultural significance that has been identified for development. The community are asked to provide feedback as to  where they think “Evolution” should be sited.  All feedback will be provided to the Art in Public Places Trust who will make the final decision.

Evolutions journey has been made possible by the generosity of the Williams trust and Councillor Brian Wilson, who are also paying to have it installed here. “It’s a very impressive piece of work,” according to Councillor Wilson, “much bigger than I expected. I can’t wait to see it installed.”

Evolution was gifted to the city by the Beijing Olympic Sculpture committee and China’s Ministry of Culture, who also chose Gisborne as one of only 12 cities around the world outside China to host the collection of much smaller templates for sculptures submitted to commemorate the Beijing Olympic Games.            

Tell us where you would like to see Evolution sited