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Willingness by many to share ideas

26 Oct 2017

Willingness by many to share ideas

The 7 week 'What’s the Future Tairawhiti' campaign has been given the big tick of approval ... by the community.

Stats just in on the Long Term Plan early engagement campaign show the team attended 35 events, engaged directly with 2804 people, and also attracted thousands more to interact on social media and our website. The campaign included 7 streams of engagement on 7 key discussion topics throughout the region.

Customer engagement manager Anita Reedy-Holthausen said the campaign had highlighted the willingness from people from all over Tairawhiti, to share their ideas for the region.

“We created a platform that made it easy to capture people's ideas. We had creative licence to be provocative to encourage that engagement - and that is what we did. It was bright, funky and vibrant with the intent of attracting people to put forward their ideas.”

The WTF branded Kombi proved a big draw-card for people.

“We attended community events, met with groups, set up pop-up stations, door-knocked, went to schools and visited businesses,” says Anita.

It was about hitting the big topics in the Long Term Plan – water, roads and money, and hearing what the community had to say.

Many headed to our website for information, with around 1409 page views – perhaps unsurprisingly, roads was the most-viewed page.

Surveys on the options for wastewater and the Olympic Pool redevelopment garnered plenty of interest too.

Overall, everyone was very happy with how the WTF campaign went, particularly as it opened conversations with all sorts of people, including many who would not normally engage with the Long Term Plan consultation.

Check out the ideas(external link)

Presentation on the stats over the 7 week engagement period [PDF, 2.3 MB]

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