Eastland Port Limited


Eastland Port Limited has applied for consents to continue with maintenance dredging within the harbour basin and the port navigation channel. Consents are also sought for the disposal of the dredge spoil to the Off Shore Disposal Ground.

A maximum 140,000m3 of dredging spoil is proposed on an annual basis and a 20 year term of consent is proposed.

The application includes the discharge of decant water and noise emissions from the dredging activity.

Applicant's name Eastland Port Limited
Location of site Coastal marine area including the port basin, port navigation channel and off shore disposal ground
Consent number LU-2020-109518-00 / CR-2020-109519-00 / CD-2020-109520-00
Consents applied for Land Use, Coastal Permit - Dredging, Coast Permit - Discharge to Water
Status Submissions closed 09/09/2020
Address for service 4sight Consulting, PO Box 911310, Auckland 1142
Email address for service [email protected]
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Todd Whittaker (Independent Processing Planner)

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