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Property number - RAPID

RAPID is Rural Address Property Identification.  It gives every rural property with a house an address. Most rural areas in New Zealand now have RAPID numbers.

Applying for a RAPID number

If you're building a new house, you can apply for a RAPID with your building consent. There's a tick box on the building consent application form.

Or you can apply by completing the RAPID Number Application Form

RAPID numbers start at the end of the road closest to Gisborne city. It's calculated on the distance your property is along the road, measured in metres from the start of the road to the centre of the driveway for the house.

The final measurement is divided by 10, then rounded to a whole number. Numbers on the right side of the road are even; those on the left are odd.

As an example, a property 825m would be numbered 82, if it's on the right side or 83 if it's on the left side of the road. If there's more than one dwelling off a driveway, a letter A, B, or C is added.

If you have a shared driveway, you can request an additional plate to put on the house. The primary plate must remain at the entrance to the property.

NZ Post has confirmed that the RAPID number can be added to the usual RD address.  For example 963 Wharekopae Road, RD3 Gisborne

It's not possible to change the number on request, as it reflects the distance along the road.

We cannot change the number without compromising the integrity of the numbering system. This system is a service that council is providing, it's not compulsory.

State highway roads in the Gisborne district have been given names such as Wharerata Road, Matawai Road, Whangara Road etc. The numbering works the same way.

Yes.  RAPID numbering is to get all rural houses in our district numbered.  This is for ease and speed in emergency situations. 
You can apply on the form and for a small fee, order a plate and put it up yourself.

All RAPID numbers are recorded in Council's GIS (Geographic Information System) and corporate computer system. It's also used as the property files in our records system, all correspondence relating to the address is kept together.

Landonline - Land Information New Zealand's national property database has the information. Emergency services then have access to this information to quickly find a property in a rural area.