Te whakauru kairēti mo ngā pōtinga ā-rohe 2022

Ratepayer enrolment for 2022 local elections

Enrol now - the ratepayer electoral roll closes 12 August 2022

Do you live in one area and pay rates on a property in another area?

You may qualify to vote in both areas at the local authority elections in October 2022

You may like to vote in this election. Voting is a way to have your say on what happens in your local community. This
information is designed to help you. It notes who you can contact to enrol, and ways you might qualify to vote.

There are 2 types of electors...

Residential electors - if you're registered to vote on the electoral roll, you are automatically enrolled to vote in local authority elections. You will receive a voting document so that you can vote by post.

Ratepayer electors – You may also be eligible to enrol as a non-resident ratepayer elector in a council district if both of these apply:

  • you are on the district valuation roll and pay rates in the council district
  • the address where you are registered as a parliamentary elector is outside that council district.

Your eligibility to enrol or be nominated as a ratepayer elector may also depend on your individual circumstances as determined by criteria in the Local Electoral Act 2001 and its regulations.

An organisation can nominate one of its members or officers to vote on its behalf

If a firm, company, trust, corporation, society partners, joint tenants and tenants in common collectively pay rates on a property in a council district, one of the group may be nominated to be the ratepayer elector. The person nominating and the nominated person must be registered as parliamentary electors at addresses outside the council district where the property is located.

You can only enrol once

You can only enrol, or be nominated to enrol, once in a council district, no matter how many properties you own in that council district. Council district includes: a city, district and regional council area; a community board area if established; the area of Gisborne District Council and the local boards.

New ratepayer electors - enrolment form

If you think you may be eligible to enrol or to nominate someone as a ratepayer elector, see the Enrolment Form for Ratepayer Electors below, or get one from the local council where you pay your rates.
The electoral officer will be able to help you with your application.

If you want further information

Phone toll free 0800 54 8683 0800 LG VOTE (phone number is available from 7 February 2022 to 30 August 2022)