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Tua atu i te tekau tau

Beyond 10 years

Long Term Plan 2021 - 2031 consultation has closed

What we’re planning over the next 30 years

Ngā mahi e whakaritea ana e mātau hei ngā tau 30 kei te heke

We’ll provide the services and infrastructure to build prosperous and connected communities that are well prepared to respond to the challenges of the future.

We’re taking action to protect our region against climate change.

We’re updating our Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan and our Freshwater planning programme so we’re ready for changing weather patterns and greater demands on our water quality, supply and water assets like our roading and bridges.

We’ve forecast what we’ll spend on maintaining (operational spending) and building new infrastructure (capital spending) to meet these future demands.

Over the next few years, the focus will be on maintaining our current infrastructure.

There will be increases in capital and operational expenditure in some years to complete projects such as our Wastewater Treatment Plant, Olympic Pool and pipe renewals.

In the next 30 years we’ll have increased the capacity of the waste and stormwater networks.

This is to reduce and eliminate sewage discharges into our waterways and household waste from the bay by building a natural wetland to treat our wastewater. We’re also planning for major investment to protect and increase our water storage by 2042.

Forecast to invest

We use information on the condition and performance of our infrastructure to plan for the future and decide when we need to replace or upgrade assets.

We evaluate the condition of assets using a variety of tools to assess their age, including inspections by engineers.

Most of our infrastructure is in good condition and is performing well, although we do have challenges maintaining our roading network, sporting facilities and community buildings.

Supporting information

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