Pōtinga 2019

2019 Elections

2019 Election results and expenses

Final vote election results for Gisborne District Council and Tairawhiti District Health Board, received Friday 18 October.

Election: Mayor - 1 vacancy

Candidate NameVotes Received RankVoting IDAffiliation
Stoltz, Rehette10,5891  
Akuhata-Brown, Meredith   3845 101 
Meurant, Ross   1578 102 
Informal       23 104 
Blank     251 105

Election expenses

 Votes Received Expenses
Stoltz, Rehette10,589 Expenses 
Akuhata-Brown, Meredith   3845 Expenses
Meurant, Ross   1578 Expenses

Election: Gisborne Ward - 9 vacancies

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedRankVoting IDAffiliation
Wharehinga, Josh58971305Independent
Foster, Larry56832289 
Dunn, Amber54163288 
Cranston, Andy51464285 
Akuhata-Brown, Meredith50195281 
Robinson, Tony48746297 
Gregory, Debbie47667290Independent
Dowsing, Shannon44788287 
Sheldrake, Terry44159298 
Tupara, Nick3396 301 
Karaitiana, Tina3338 291 
Bibby, Clive3133 283 
Kibble, Alice3031 292 
Lodewyk, Rachel2705 293 
Waikari, Courtenay2573 303 
Warmenhoven, Tui2546 304 
Philip-Barbara, Glenis2539 296 
McKellow, Alistar2527 295 
Sly, David2449 299 
Andrew, Joelene2329 282 
Takitimu, Dayle2154 300 
Vermeulen, Shane1874 302 
Manuel, Mary Liza1448 294 
Crawford, Lizz1217 286 
Chatterton, Ross 914 284Independent
Informal  101 306 
Blank  110 307 

Election expenses

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedExpenses
Wharehinga, Josh5897Expenses 
Foster, Larry5683Expenses 
Dunn, Amber5416Expenses
Cranston, Andy5146Expenses 
Akuhata-Brown, Meredith5019Expenses 
Robinson, Tony4874Expenses 
Gregory, Debbie4766Expenses 
Dowsing, Shannon4478Expenses 
Sheldrake, Terry4415Expenses
Tupara, Nick3396Expenses 
Karaitiana, Tina3338Expenses
Bibby, Clive3133Expenses
Kibble, Alice3031Expenses
Lodewyk, Rachel2705Expenses
Waikari, Courtenay2573Expenses
Warmenhoven, Tui2546Expenses not received 
Philip-Barbara, Glenis2539Expenses
McKellow, Alistar2527Expenses
Sly, David2449Expenses
Andrew, Joelene2329Expenses not received 
Takitimu, Dayle2154Expenses
Vermeulen, Shane1874Expenses
Manuel, Mary Liza1448Expenses 
Crawford, Lizz1217Expenses 
Chatterton, Ross 914Expenses

Election: Matakaoa-Waiapu Ward - 1 vacancy

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedRankVoting IDAffiliation
Burdett, Bill 331 1201 
Kururangi, Kerry 309 202 
Informal    0 203 
Blank    6 204 

Election expenses

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedExpenses
Burdett, Bill 331Expenses [PDF, 333 KB]
Kururangi, Kerry 309Expenses [PDF, 250 KB]

Election: Taruheru-Patutahi Ward - 1 vacancy

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedRankVoting IDAffiliation
Faulkner, Sandra 1285 1261 
MacLean, Malcolm   350 262 
Informal       0 263 
Blank     86 264 

Election expenses

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedExpenses
Faulkner, Sandra 1285 Expenses
MacLean, Malcolm   350 Expenses

Election: Waipaoa Ward - 1 vacancy

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedRankVoting IDAffiliation
Worsnop, Kerry5731225Independent
Reynolds, Charlie230 224 
Emmerson, Athena155 222 
Brown, Ben100 221 
Murphy, Frank   88 223 
Informal    3 226 
Blank   14  227 

Election expenses

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedExpenses
Worsnop, Kerry573Expenses
Reynolds, Charlie230Expenses
Emmerson, Athena155Expenses
Brown, Ben100 Expenses not yet received
Murphy, Frank   88 Expenses

Pat Seymour was elected unopposed

Election expenses

Candidate NameVotes ReceivedExpenses
Seymour, Pat Unopposed Expenses

Akuhata-Brown, Meredith 
Faulkner, Sandra 
Wharehinga, Josh 
Robinson, Tony 
Cranston, Andy 
Pihema, Hiki
Roberston, Heather