Election results

The final results in the Gisborne District Council local body elections held Saturday 8 October 2022.

Progress results received Saturday 8 October
Preliminary results received Sunday 1.30pm.
Final results received Friday 14 October 8.30pm

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Final results - Friday 14 October

Iterations = the iteration number at which a candidate is elected or excluded.


Total Voting Documents14731
First Iteration Quota7252
Last Iteration Quota7252
CandidateVotes receivedStatusExpenses
STOLTZ, Rehette8009ElectedExpenses
ALDER, Colin2943excludedExpenses
TIBBLE, Rhonda2583excludedExpenses
BROWN, Darin969excludedExpenses

Tairāwhiti General Ward

Vacancies 8
Total Voting Documents11081
Blanks 125
First Iteration Quota1190.22
Last Iteration Quota1064.18
Candidate Votes receivedRankStatusExpenses
WHAREHINGA, Josh 1921 1 elected Expenses
ALDER, Colin 1639 2 elected Expenses
FOSTER, Larry Keith 1184 3 elected Expenses
TELFER, Rob 11694 elected Expenses
CRANSTON, Andy 12015 elected Expenses
GREGORY, Debbie 1162 6 elected Expenses
ROBINSON, Tony 1170 7 elected Expenses
THOMPSON, Teddy 10698electedExpenses
AKUHATA-BROWN, Meredith 1022  excluded Expenses
BROWN, Jen 669  excluded Expenses
REYNOLDS, Charlie 555 excludedExpenses
KARAITIANA, Tina 411  excluded Expenses
FLORANCE, Ben 383  excluded Expenses
MCKELLOW, Alistar Malcolm 332  excluded Expenses
WALKER, Jordan 322  excluded Expenses
BROWN, Moera 245  excluded Expenses
MURPHY, Frank 211  excluded Expenses
LODEWYK, Rachel 199  excluded Expenses
MOEKE-MURRAY, Hine 170  excluded Expenses
PACKER, Leighton 141  excluded Expenses not received
TILLEY, Julian 134  excluded Expenses
JONES, Peter 108  excluded Expenses not received
MILL, Gareth 99  excluded Expenses
PENNEFATHER, Dennis Patrick 73  excluded Expenses
PAGE, Mike 46  excludedExpenses not received

Tairāwhiti Māori Ward

Vacancies 5
Total Voting Documents 3650
First Iteration Quota590.33
Last Iteration Quota541.74
CandidateVotes receivedRankStatusExpenses
TIBBLE, Rhonda8441electedExpenses
RIA, Aubrey6022electedExpenses
TUPARA, Nick6183electedExpenses not received
PAHURU-HURIWAI, Ani5784electedExpenses
PARATA, Rawinia5685electedExpenses
BROWN, Darin389 excludedExpenses
PROCTER, Ian George316 excludedExpenses
TOROA, Jody245 excludedExpenses
HAENGA, Chris226 excludedExpenses
WALKER, Agnes Lyn199 excludedExpenses
WARMENHOVEN, Marijke131 excludedExpenses
PEARLESS, Harawira Craig123 excludedExpenses
EMMERSON, Athena118 excludedExpenses

Declaration of results of election

For the Gisborne District Council 2022 elections

I hereby declare the results of the elections held on 8 October 2022 for the following offices:

Mayor (one vacancy)

STOLTZ, Rehette                                               Elected

ALDER, Colin                                                     Excluded

TIBBLE, Rhonda                                                Excluded

BROWN, Darin                                                   Excluded

Informal votes received: 35

Blank votes received: 198

I therefore declare Rehette STOLTZ to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 7252.


Tairāwhiti General Ward (eight vacancies)

WHAREHINGA, Josh                                                 Elected

ALDER, Colin                                                             Elected

FOSTER, Larry Keith                                                 Elected

TELFER, Rob                                                             Elected

CRANSTON, Andy                                                     Elected

GREGORY, Debbie (Independent)                            Elected

ROBINSON, Tony                                                      Elected

THOMPSON, Teddy                                                  Elected

AKUHATA-BROWN, Meredith (Independent)            Excluded

BROWN, Jen                                                             Excluded

REYNOLDS, Charlie                                                 Excluded

KARAITIANA, Tina                                                     Excluded

FLORANCE, Ben                                                       Excluded

MCKELLOW, Alistar Malcolm                                    Excluded

WALKER, Jordan                                                       Excluded

BROWN, Moera (Independent)                                  Excluded

MURPHY, Frank                                                         Excluded

LODEWYK, Rachel                                                    Excluded

MOEKE-MURRAY, Hine                                             Excluded

PACKER, Leighton                                                     Excluded

TILLEY, Julian                                                            Excluded

JONES, Peter                                                            Excluded

MILL, Gareth                                                             Excluded

PENNEFATHER, Dennis Patrick (Independent)       Excluded

PAGE, Mike                                                               Excluded

Informal votes received: 503

Blank votes received: 125

I therefore declare Colin ALDER, Andy CRANSTON, Larry Keith FOSTER, Debbie GREGORY, Tony ROBINSON, Rob TELFER, Teddy THOMPSON and Josh WHAREHINGA, to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 1064.186883493.

Tairāwhiti Māori Ward (five vacancies)

TIBBLE, Rhonda                                                     Elected

RIA, Aubrey                                                             Elected

TUPARA, Nick                                                         Elected

PAHURU-HURIWAI, Ani (Independent)                   Elected

PARATA , Rawinia (Ngati Porou)                             Elected

BROWN , Darin                                                       Excluded

PROCTER, Ian George                                          Excluded

TOROA, Jody                                                         Excluded

HAENGA, Chris (Independent)                              Excluded

WALKER, Agnes Lyn                                             Excluded

WARMENHOVEN, Marijke                                     Excluded

PEARLESS, Harawira Craig                                  Excluded

EMMERSON, Athena                                            Excluded

Informal votes received: 76

Blank votes received: 60

I therefore declare Rhonda TIBBLE, Nick TUPARA, Aubrey RIA, Ani PAHURU-HURIWAI, and Rawinia PARATA, to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 541.748940775.

Full details of the official results of the election are available on request from the Electoral Officer.

Dated at Gisborne, 14 October 2022

Dale Ofsoske, Electoral Officer

Declaration of results of election