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Consultation on traffic and parking bylaw starts today

Wednesday 13 October 2021

The community can now have their say on Council’s new traffic and parking bylaw.

Over the past ten years Tairāwhiti’s population has increased and with it the demand on our parking and roads.

Key proposals in the draft bylaw include heavy vehicle route restrictions, heavy traffic user charges, the creation of a residents’ parking permit system, ending the ban on e-scooters and skateboards in our city centre, and new rules to restrict vehicles on unformed legal roads, like beaches.

Some changes won’t be acted upon immediately and are there to ensure the framework is in place if required in the future. This includes the proposal for heavy vehicle user charges and restricting vehicles on beaches.

If adopted, this draft bylaw revokes the current Traffic and Parking bylaw 2011.

Community meetings cannot be held due to COVID restrictions, however online presentations can be requested by the community by email

Submissions can be made on Council’s website until Monday 15 November and hearings will be held in early December.

Council’s final decision will be made on Thursday 17 December.