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Extreme caution advised as flood clean-up continues

24 June 2021

24 June 2021

As Civil Defence and welfare agencies work to support those affected by the weekend’s floods, the clean-up continues across the region.

Most roads affected by the flooding have been cleared and made safe, however repair assessments will take place over the coming weeks.

Council Director of Lifelines, Dave Wilson says the Council and emergency services are still in the response phase.

“Our priority is still assisting those in need and regaining access for communities, rather than on permanent repairs. It may take some time before sites are properly assessed and funding is made available to us,” he said.

“Conditions across parts of the region are expected to be extremely dangerous for some time and we advise people to only travel when absolutely necessary.

“Our concern is also that staff and contractors have been working non-stop since Sunday, so we’re making sure plans are in place for them too.”

Council encourages those affected by the flooding to reach out for support by calling 0800 653 800.

Check here for updated road conditions.