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Feedback wanted on directing heavy vehicles to Awapuni Road

Tuesday 9 November 2021

A new bylaw for our region proposes to direct heavy traffic, like log trucks, off Ormond Road and onto Awapuni Road as they travel to and from the port.

The proposed new Heavy Vehicle Routes are in the draft Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2021.

There is less than a week left to give Council feedback on this provision, with submissions closing on Monday November 15.

This alternative route is being discussed because over the next ten years, forests in Waimata Valley are planned for harvest. This means increased volumes of log trucks to our port.

Chief of Strategy and Science Jo Noble says this rise in heavy vehicle movements will cause major traffic issues in the future when trying to access the port.

To combat this, a survey was done in July last year to identify preferred alternative routes.

Out of 354 responses, 55 per cent agreed with the option of one route via State Highway 35 on Awapuni Road.

There were 41 per cent who preferred a dual route with Ormond Road, and four per cent didn't respond to that question.

Ms Noble says Council has taken the preferred option in the new bylaw.

“We still want to hear back from the community though to hear if we’ve got it right, the survey responses were pretty close.”

Ms Noble says this provision in the draft bylaw will not happen instantly.

“There are a number of safety improvements that need to be completed, and affected communities spoken with, before any formal changes can be made.”

Submissions can be made on our website, send us an email, or come in and see our customer services office on Fitzherbert Street. Covid-19 alert level protocols are in place at our offices so please wear a mask and scan in.

Submissions close 5pm Monday 15 November.