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New parking meters on the way

Disconnecting some old parking meters and installing new pay-by-plate meters is underway. Ross Hannam, parking team leader, said the new meters would be a huge improvement to the current metering system.

“There will be no more tickets to print out and drop on your dashboard,” he said.

“It’s a paperless parking payment system that works using your vehicle's license plate number.”

In the pay-by-plate system your registration number is not associated with or cross-referenced to any other authorities’ database for vehicle registrations, and no vehicle owner information is captured when you pay.

“Our parking officers will use licence plate recognition to confirm that your vehicle has a valid parking session in the area it is parked,” Mr Hannam said.

“To pay for parking, you enter the vehicle licence plate number and pay for the amount of time you want to park. You won’t receive a paper ticket, so there is no ticket to display in your car.”

He said installing the new system skipped around five other minor improvements to parking technology,

“It might take a little while to get used to it, but once the system is running it will be invaluable to Council and to people parking their cars.