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One month till cheque out time

From 28 May, Council will no longer accept cheques as a method of payment.

Hohepa Montgomery has paid his rates by cheque for the last 30 years.

“This decision to end cheques is going to be difficult for a lot of people out there, especially our rural whānau who don’t have access to internet,” he said.

“Personally I can’t understand why banks aren’t accepting cheques any more, but I guess we’re all going to have to adapt. That’s life.”

Most banks are in the process of ending cheque use and Council’s banking partners have announced they will follow suit.

Council chief financial officer Pauline Foreman says the change to online payments will be difficult for a lot of people, including some rural and elderly residents.

“We understand this is a big change, but we are asking for them to reach out to us for support as early as possible,” she said.

“We’re also asking those who know someone who still uses cheques to support them or let them know about this change.”

Council will be lowering its online credit card surcharge from 1.9% to 1%.

Here's our online payment options or contact us for support.