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Please drive carefully, and to the conditions

Thursday 11 November 2021

Our region’s roads haven’t recovered from the deluge last week when more than a month of rain fell in 24 hours.

The heavy rain has left our land and soil saturated. There are potholes, slips and dropouts across our district with the extent of the damage still being assessed.

Journeys Operations Manager Donna McArthur asks drivers to please slow down, and drive to the conditions.

“Even though the sun is out there are still many repair jobs to do around the region as well as checking hillside properties for slips. Our teams are very busy.

“If you see any new subsidence, slips or dropouts please contact the Council Customer Service team to report.

“Also, please remember Council does not pay for repairs to people’s cars so please drive carefully.”

Ms McArthur says potholes will be fixed, however the road surface and materials need to be dry first.

“Please bear with us as our contractors prioritise all the work they have. We know potholes can be hazardous. We have prioritised potholes to get fixed and until then most have speed restrictions on them.

“Drainage issues are the root cause of potholes, and our teams are also focusing on this.”

Potholes are caused by excess water trapped under the road’s surface. The constant pressure when traffic drives over the weakened area pops it and a pothole is created.

Three roads remain closed today because of slips and land subsidence, they are Whakarau Road, Kaiaua Road and Ihungia Road. They are being cleared so for up-to-date information please see our website.

Customer Services can be reached on 0800 653 800, email service@gdc.govt.nz fill out a   form online, or send us a message on Facebook if you see any slips, or other damage, that needs to be reported.

Any damage on State Highways needs to be reported to Waka Kotahi on 0800 444 449.