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Repairs close 50m pool for four weeks to lengthen its lifespan

8 April 2021

Gisborne Olympic Pool Complex’s 50m pool will close for repairs from 1pm this Sunday [11 April] with the long-term goal of keeping it open for the next two years while a new facility is built next door.

During the estimated four-week closure pool users will be able to use the outside 33m six-lane pool. This will be heated to the same temperature as the inside pool, says aquatics leader Hendrik Geyer.

“We’ll make sure the outside pool is heated to a pleasant swimming temperature for users - around 27 degrees Celsius.”

Mr Geyer says it’s a good time to carry out the repairs as the specialised contractors needed to do the work are available, and the weather is still relatively warm.

Once the 50m pool is emptied contractors will reseal cracks in the pool’s concrete shell to prevent water leaking out. Temporary repairs were done on the cracks during the 2020 Level 3 lockdown with the expectation that the pool was to be demolished in 2021 and a new pool built in its place.

In March 2021 Council announced that the new indoor pool is most likely to be built adjacent to the existing toddlers pool area. The new location means the existing 50m pool can remain open during construction thereby reducing the disruption to facility users.

Mr Geyer says the pool shell needs to be repaired to a more robust standard now that the pool is required for longer.

He says some compromise will be needed between pool users during the estimated four-week closure.

“We’re hoping people will be happy to put up with this small inconvenience so that over the next two years we can all enjoy the existing 50m pool while a new facility is built next door.”

The dive pool will also be closed. The therapy pool, hydroslide, and toddler’s pool remain open.

Pictured:  Gisborne Olympic Pool duty manager Kevin Weatherley says around a third of the 1.1 million litres of heated water in the 50m pool will be transferred to the outside 33m pool so it can be heated more quickly.