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Summer camping opens Labour Weekend, permits free

Thursday 23 September 2021

Council would like to remind the public of the changes to summer camping this year.

Campsites will open from Saturday 23 October (Labour Weekend) instead of at daylight savings.

Permits are still required however are now free and can be obtained through Council’s website.

Rubbish bags will no longer be supplied with permits. Campers are asked to take their own rubbish bags and take their rubbish home with them or take it to the transfer station.

The changes are a result of Council’s new Freedom Camping Bylaw, which was consulted on and introduced earlier in the year.

Council Director Liveable Communities Michele Frey says the changes will make camping better for the community and environment.

“Camping is a part of who we are, and these changes will ensure we can continue enjoying this tradition long into the future,” she says.

“Once again we’re asking our community to leave behind only their footprints and leave their sites clean and tidy.”

Council is also reminding the public to not reserve sites before they head out.

Under the new bylaw, if you are freedom camping in our district you can only camp in a vehicle that is certified self-contained, and you must park in the designated areas.

Seasonal camping (between Labour Weekend and April 30) is different – people can camp in these areas in any vehicle or tent if they have a chemical toilet for every eight people.

Ms Frey says Council inspectors will patrol camping areas to make sure all the new rules are being followed.

Council’s website has more information on summer camping and freedom camping.