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Summer water use

Tuesday 19 October 2021

As the warmer weather arrives, it’s a reminder to please use water wisely.

Council Team Leader Drinking Water Judith Robertson says while the city water supply dams are currently full, we need to appreciate our water supply is not an infinite resource.

“We need rain for the dams to be replenished.

“Water is precious. We need to respect where it comes from and be responsible for how we use it.”

Ms Robertson says while sprinklers and outdoor water use are not currently restricted, those on town water supply are encouraged to use water responsibly and not waste it, both at home and at work.

“There’s simple things we can do to save water such as adding mulch to gardens to retain moisture, use timers on irrigation and sprinkler systems, and avoid overwatering lawns. Rather than emptying and re-filling pools, regularly treat your pool water and use a cover to keep the water clean.”

Demand on the city supply increases steadily from November. In summer water use is double the winter usage.

“We know this extra demand mostly comes from residential outdoor water use and seasonal industries, and we’re asking everyone connected to not waste water over the coming months.”