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Time to review the Dog Control Policy and Bylaw

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Our community’s Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2010 is under review to consider whether the current model still fits our region.

Chief of Strategy and Science Jo Noble says Council is committed to making sure this review ensures the best outcomes for animal and community wellbeing, as well as safety in our community.

“The bylaw encourages responsible dog ownership and community awareness to promote an environment in our region where dogs and people can happily co-exist.”

The review will consider the number of dogs allowed on properties, prohibited areas, designated areas and off-lead restriction times.

Currently there are 21 designated on-lead, six off-lead, and 40 prohibited dog areas in urban Gisborne. Councillors will decide whether to extend, reduce or keep the status quo of these.

Before any decisions are made Council will engage with tangata whenua and the community.

Other considerations during the review will be climate change. This means ensuring there are enough dog-walking spaces that can be walked to, without having to hop in a car.

Ms Noble says community safety will be at the forefront of all decisions made.

This review and consultation are expected to take around six months, with final adoption of the new policy and bylaw expected mid-to-late next year.