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Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2021 starts today

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Councillors approved the region’s new Traffic and Parking Bylaw yesterday in the final Council meeting of the year.

Effective from today, wheeled recreational vehicles can now be used in the city centre but shouldn’t go faster than a walking pace to respect other footpath users.

The one-way system on Tītīrangi will be finished to safeguard those who use the maunga for exercise, and the special vehicle lanes for cyclists on Ormond, Childers, Gladstone and Crawford roads are included in the bylaw.

The new bylaw did not adopt the proposal to restrict heavy vehicles routes into Gisborne via Awapuni Road only.  Instead, the bylaw restricts heavy vehicles to both Awapuni Road and Ormond Road.

However, Council staff have been asked to urgently review the heavy vehicle routes within 12 months for Council’s reconsideration.

Another change to the new bylaw was the inclusion of a resolution register, which replaces schedules previously used in the old Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2011.

Chief executive Nedine Thatcher Swann says this will give Council more flexibility to respond in a timely manner to any issues that arise around traffic and parking.

“It means any changes to traffic and parking can be made with appropriate consultation but without needing a review of the whole bylaw as previously.

“This bylaw also gives Council the ability to restrict vehicles on beaches but this has not been exercised yet. Having the framework there means it can be implemented in the future.”

Consultation on the draft Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2021 ran from 13 October to 15 November 2021, with hearings held on 22 and 29 November. Council received 105 submissions showing majority support for the proposals made.

Council’s Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2021 is the legal mechanism that covers all traffic and parking controls in the region (excluding speed which is currently controlled through the Speed Limits Bylaw 2013).

Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2021