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Tree removals on Grey St and Palmerston Rd

17 June 2021

17 June 2021

Council has approved the removal of seven melia trees in the CBD that are causing safety hazards for pedestrians, with replanting planned for next winter.

The trees near the corner of Palmerston Road and Grey Street drop small bead like seeds on the footpath and create a skidding effect when pedestrians walk over them.

Following consultation with nearby businesses owners and neighbours, Council’s Operations Committee approved a report recommending the tree removals last month.

Council had received numerous complaints about the trees over the last five years due to people falling or having near misses from slipping on the seeds.

The tree roots have lifted the pavement which has created further tripping hazards, and also caused the kerbing to collapse.

Aborists will begin tree removal in the next week, followed by stump and root removal and footpath repairs in August.

New tree pits for the replacement trees will be incorporated into the footpath repairs, ahead of tree replanting next winter.

Council proposes to replant ornamental pear trees on Palmerston Road, and a smaller species of Pohutukawa on Grey Street.