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Working together for a healthier community

9 June 2021

Kaiti homeowners are being encouraged to join Council in their efforts to reduce stormwater inflow into the wastewater network by checking the state of their gully traps and the setup of their downpipes.

Council team leader for waste and storm water Mike Greeff says if everyone takes a few minutes to check their properties, it will help to reduce the likelihood of wastewater overflows into the rivers during rain events.

Mike Greeff and his DrainWise team will be out and about across Kaiti over the coming month, inspecting gully traps and assisting homeowners in getting them back to standard.

“Kaiti is one of the focus areas where we experience significant direct inflow of stormwater into the wastewater network,” says Mike. “The problem is further exacerbated by  the high water tables and flat topography coupled with incorrectly connected downpipes and broken gully traps.

“We are keen to work with homeowners to ensure our wastewater system doesn’t get overloaded, leading to discharges into the rivers.”

He urges people to check the condition of their gully trap – cracks, broken concrete and downpipes feeding directly into the gully traps are all warning signs of a problem.

“Our problems are magnified as we head into winter with more rain and a higher water table. Everyone has a part to play in helping to reduce the likelihood of wastewater overflows, and checking the condition of your gully traps and downpipes is a great place to start.

He estimates of 100 gully traps inspected, 85 need fixing, with around 40% of that requiring major work. Illegal spouting connections and broken gully traps on private properties are a  major contributor of the wastewater overflows into Tairāwhiti rivers and the sea.

“There are some excellent educational videos on the Council website and Facebook page if people are unsure about what to look for,” says Mike. “We encourage people to get in touch if they have any questions or need some advice.”

DrainWise was established to work together with property owners and the community to fix the wastewater and stormwater problems that cause overflows. Contact Council for advice via email

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