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Communities cut off after heavy rain

Saturday 12 November, 2022

There was a feeling of relief for residents along the Coast this morning after rain eased off overnight with no further flooding.

However, communities remain cut off between Uawa and Ruatorea as State Highway 35 remains closed. More than 185mm of rain fell north of Uawa yesterday causing slips and dropouts. Flood warning texts were activated as river levels peaked around 6pm but rain eased off shortly after.

Tairāwhiti Civil Defence Controller Nedine Thatcher Swann says the focus today is getting help to those who need it, and the roads cleared to reconnect our communities.

“I’m aware there are whanau who are still cut off this morning and may need assistance.

“Please let us know and we can let our welfare team know.

“We are also asking people to please stay home so our teams can work on the roads to clear them and get our region reconnected.”

Tokomaru Bay resident Lillian Ward says the biggest concern for their community is the scoured-out mess the road has become after a culvert flooded in front of Waikoko Stream on Beach Road.

“More water and debris from the stream has come down and it’s scouring the road, it is being made worse by people who are driving around to have a look so please stay home.”

Ms Ward says her team will stay on the ground this morning to assess the damage and keep an eye on things.

Only one family evacuated overnight as a precaution but will return to their home today, says Ms Ward.

Ms Thatcher Swann says contractors are out assessing damage and we will get a picture of that shortly.

Please report any whanau who need support, or damage, by either

  • filing a request for service by using the GDC FIX app on any smartphone,
  • calling us on 0800 653 800,
  • email,
  • or via the eFix service on Council’s website.

Council’s website is being kept up to date with road closures, and visit our Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Picture of Beach Road, Tokomaru Bay.

Beach Road, Tokomaru Bay