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Community sessions for Council’s growth strategy

10 March 2022

As part of joint agency efforts to curb the worsening housing crisis, Council is inviting the public to information and feedback sessions on its new growth strategy – the Future Development Strategy (FDS).

Shane McGhie, Council’s Urban Growth and Development workstream lead, says the FDS is one of the tools that will help the solve the current demand for housing in Tairāwhiti.

“Almost half of the region’s population doesn’t earn enough money to buy or rent a house and this will get worse unless something is done about it."

“The FDS will outline where building can occur to enable planning projected housing and business growth in Tairāwhiti.”

Council is seeking input from the community right at the start of this process.

“The purpose of these sessions is to introduce the FDS project and why it’s important, outline the methodology and seek input on potential growth sites,” says Mr. McGhie.

“Council is asking the community to help verify their research on growth areas – these are areas where it might be suitable to build new houses over the next 30 years.”

“We’ve got a pretty good idea about suitable locations for growth, but we know we may have missed areas and we’d love input from stakeholders and community members. By working together, we can jointly develop a great plan for what Tairāwhiti looks like over the next 30 years.”

Webinar sessions will be held via zoom. They will be 30 minutes long and include a brief presentation followed by a Q&A session with the technical experts.

There will be four 30-minute webinars held at 12 noon and 7pm on Monday 28 March, and again at 12 noon on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 March.

Join one of these sessions and find out more on our webpage, or email the team at with any questions.