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Efforts continue after Friday's heavy rain

Monday 14 November, 2022

Whānau isolated up the East Coast were delivered food and medical supplies by helicopter yesterday morning as efforts continue for those affected by Friday’s heavy rain.

More than 185mm of rain fell north of Uawa on Friday afternoon. It’s the region’s fifth significant weather event since June 2021.

Tairāwhiti Civil Defence staff flew from Gisborne up the East Coast to deliver supplies to isolated whanau in Whareponga, Wharekahika and Waikura Valley.

Today 18 local roads remain closed, and caution is advised on all of State Highway 35 up the East Coast.

Road crews have been onsite from first light at priority locations to reconnect our region.

Gisborne District Council Community Lifelines Director David Wilson reminds everyone to drive with care as our roading network is still very fragile.

“It was great to see the sun yesterday and this allowed our crews to be able to get out there and clear roads today so no one in our community is cut off.

“We have also had no additional requests for welfare since Saturday.

“We want to thank our community for being resilient through these events and being prepared. It made a big difference on Friday.

“We also thank our contractors who coordinated efforts to ensure our roads could be cleared and our region reconnected as quickly and safely as possible.”

Friday’s event was severe but not as significant as the March 2022 and June 2021 events, which also hit the East Coast.

However, the cumulative effect of intense rainfall on our geology means we are still in a vulnerable position.

Mr Wilson says the land is still moving around our region and encourages anyone who sees changes to their home or property to report it to Council.

“This could be doors not opening or closing properly, or new small cracks anywhere, please let us know.”

Helicopter relief for Coast residents

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