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Election time - Karangatia rā 2022

Monday 22 August , 2022

The highest number of candidates in 21 years makes sure it’ll be a competitive election for those standing to be in the next round of mayor and district councillors.

Postal voting opens in four weeks when voting papers are delivered to your letterbox.

In the run-up to voting, two videos have been released as part of Council’s election campaign, which is called Karangatia rā 2022.

The campaign name is a call to Tairāwhiti encouraging us all to take action – to STAND as candidates, ENROL and VOTE – either by post or on Election Day -- Saturday 8 October.

This year’s local campaign - Karangatia rā 2022 - draws on the pōwhiri process and uses elements of that kawa as a framework: the Wero, the Karanga, the Whaikōrero and the Waiata.

The first video brings to life the five Tairāwhiti faces who you will have seen on our posters and advertisements as part of the early campaign to encourage people to stand for Council, enrol to vote and find out more about what’s different about our local elections this year.

The video follows them through their respective pōwhiri elements: the Karanga, the Wero, the Whaikōrero and the Waiata alongside a selection of our recognisable and beautiful regional locations. The waiata at the end is “karangatia rā”, sung by Gisborne District Council’s Waiatia Group.

Karangatia rā is the name of one of this region’s most recognisable waiata composed by Sir Apirana Ngata in 1919, as a call to rally the people of Tairāwhiti and welcome back the Māori Pioneer Battalion after the First World War.

The second is an animated video unique to Tairāwhiti, visually explaining the new Single Transferable Voting (STV) system being used in our 2022 local elections for the first time.

As part of the election campaign, billboards in Reo Māori and English have been placed around Tairāwhiti, as well as on our FB site, at the HB Williams Library and the Farmers Market.

You may have heard our radio ads as well, read by Council senior Māori engagement officer Walton Walker.

Be sure to take a look at the back of some of our buses later this month too, which will also display campaign images in English, “Your vote. Your voice. Vote for your future”, and Re Māori Tō pōti. Tō reo. Pōti ai mō te anamata.

For more information about Ngā pōtinga ā-rohe 2022 local elections visit Council’s website or follow us on Facebook

Karangatia rā